You’ll Never Go in the Water Again with This Jaws Diorama Statue!

I’ve always had a fear of sharks. I’ve actually had a fear of sea life in general. And, after seeing Jaws, my fears grew. Much like the rest of the world.

But, as much as sharks scare me, I still want to watch this movie because it’s a piece of cinematic history. And it very much did its job of scaring us out of the water.

Own a piece of that history with the Jaws Orca Boat Diorama Statue. It features the iconic Brody-shark fight scene. Most of us know what happens, but I won’t give any spoilers.

Go ahead…dive in! Purchase your very own Jaws Orca Boat Diorama Statue today!

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat!” Now, there’s an understatement. Inspired by the fishing and shark-hunting boat Orca from 1975’s Jaws movie, this is a highly detailed diorama that captures the heart-stopping scene where Brody is perched atop the mast of the sinking boat, trying to fend off the persistent man-eating shark the film crew nicknamed “Bruce.” The Jaws Orca Boat Diorama Statue measures about 10-inches wide x 6-inches tall x 6-inches long.



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