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Collect Iron Maiden’s Eddie as Four Different ReAction Figures!

Iron Maiden ReAction Figures Wave 1 Set

This is the perfect way to capture nostalgia with something brand-new. Retro action figures have never been more awesome than they are right now. Thanks to the internet, the world of action figure collecting has expanded into multiple dimensions, taking advantage of nostalgic design and characters into a new package. No matter how you look at it, Eddie is back and better than ever!

Inspired by Iron Maiden’s mascot, this outstanding Iron Maiden ReAction Figure Wave 1 Collection. As seen in the new mobile RPG and in his old album covers, we have four different embodiments of Eddie in one convenient collection. The four individually packaged action figures include Pilot Eddie, Killers Eddie, Power Slave Eddie, and Trooper Eddie. Each figure is detailed, vibrant, and gruesome.

ReAction Figures bring back the form and function of the old Kenner figures you remember from your childhood. Standing at 3 3/4-inch scale, with limited articulation, each figure has plenty of detail wrapped up in their retro style. Each of the four individually packaged figures comes with its own intricately designed card back, capturing the classic illustrations of the Iron Maiden album covers. This fantastic mix of media and action can be yours if you order today from Entertainment Earth!



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