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The Invisible Man ReAction Figure – Catch Him If You Can!

Invisible Man

Bring home a blast from the past with the Entertainment Earth Exclusive Universal Monsters Clear Invisible Man ReAction Figure!

What, an Invisible Man Action Figure? Isn’t that just an empty box, you ask. Not at all, my friend, it’s a limited edition Entertainment Earth Exclusive Reaction figure that is both clear and colorless.

In true ReAction style, it boasts 5 points of articulation and features the 1980s style packaging. This poseable invisible action figure stands 3 3/4 inches tall and is just like your classic Kenner action figures from the ’70s and ’80s. Like all ReAction figures, the Invisible Man comes in the 1980s style cardback design with a memorable look of the character from the classic movie.

The Invisible Man is a 1933 film following the story of a scientist who turns invisible but, in doing so, becomes murderously insane. The film was written by H.G. Wells and directed by James Whale.

This fantastic ReAction figures continues the line of fantastic Universal Monsters ReAction Figures.

This exclusive, invisible Invisible Man ReAction Figure is currently available for pre-order and is slated to arrive in November 2014. This terrific exclusive will sell out so order yours today!

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