Super Sexy H.R. Giger-Designed Species Figure

For every cute, cuddly, Reese’s Pieces-loving E.T., seems there are five interplanetary visitors who absolutely do not come in peace. Sometimes, you don’t get fun superpowers thanks to a close encounter of the third kind. Sometimes, you just get your face ripped off.

Case in point: the beautiful Sil from 1995’s cult classic Species. She starts out sweet and innocent, grows up way too fast, and soon becomes a sex-crazy beauty with a murderous maternal instinct.

Of course, there are always two sides to the story. From a different perspective, she had every right to exercise her procreative prerogative and the film’s climactic flame-engulfed scene is an awful example of how difficult it is to be a single-mother in modern America.

Regardless, Sil has been one of the most evocative aliens ever seen on screen. like the iconic Xenomorphs of the Alien franchise, Sil’s look comes straight from artist H.R. Giger.

This Species Sil 1:6 Scale Action Figure from Threezero has recreated the lethal alien beauty in her final form, complete with spine-ridged back, tentacled hair, and clawed hands.

The highly articulated figure stands just under 13 3/4-inches tall. Soft, translucent PVC skin across the torso, arms, and legs exquisitely replicate the otherworldly look from the film.

A textured interior skeleton – visible through the dermis – and realistic paint applications add dimension to the spines, tentacles, and thorns. This Sil figure comes with a stylized stand for optimal display.

This hauntingly beautiful collector’s piece will be arriving in stock next August, but don’t delay in placing your order – this baby-mad monster won’t linger for long!



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