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Hadouken: Hot Ryu Is a Hot Exclusive!

One of the first super popular fighting games was Street Fighter. In the days of the arcade, many quarters were spent playing this highly addictive game and for most people, it was their first true fighting game love. The franchise has lived on from those earlier days in the 90’s including a new game on the Nintendo Switch. A fan favorite character, Ryu, has been in almost all, if not every iteration of the game and now he’s captured in one of his alternate costumes in action figure form!

The Hot Ryu Action Figure is pulled from Street Fighter V and is dressed in his fan deemed Hot Ryu alternate costume. He stands 8 inches tall and is a 1:12 scale figure. Ryu has over 30 points of articulation allowing you to recreate the amazing Hadouken pose or even the Shoryuken. The figure comes with multiple parts including 3 interchangeable facial expressions and 4 interchangeable hands.

This is an SDCC 2017 Exclusive so they will not last long. Any Street Fighter fan will love this in their collection and it fits nicely posed in various forms on your desk or display shelf. Don’t delay, this figure will sell faster than it takes for you to punch and kick a car into destruction!



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