High-Quality Edward Scissorhands Products Coming Soon from Hollywood Collectibles

Hollywood Collectibles is known for their stunning statues, busts, and prop replicas from various licenses. Their products boast exquisite detail and heft, great for avid, devoted fans.

Which should make Tim Burton fans particularly excited about their latest announcement:

That’s right, they’re going to be making collectibles from Burton’s beloved film Edward Scissorhands!

A sort of Frankenstein-style story about an unfinished creation, Edward, who has scissors for hands and is taken in by a local suburban family, where he falls in love with their daughter, Kim, this film has remained a touchstone in Burton’s career.

It’s over 25 years old and still cherished and revered by fans across the globe, which should mean this new line will be very well received!

What kinds of products Hollywood Collectibles is making is still under wraps, but we can’t wait to see what they’ll be and we’ll keep you updated as more information is announced.

Are you excited for high-quality Edward Scissorhands collectibles? Let us know in the comments!



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