The Thoughtful Gift for the Collector in Your Life

Shopping for a collector can be more than just tricky. What you might see as a collectible might not be a prized possession or of interest to him or her. Of course, you want to express your love and gratitude for this person, which means you really want to impress them.

So, we asked the experts here at Entertainment Earth: what makes a great gift for a collector? The answer was simple: Buy an item based on the type of product they collect.

Buy a gift that shows you’ve been paying attention, one that’s inspired by the type of collectible he or she buys on a regular basis.  Here, four types of products, toys or collectibles with quick links to available inventory you can start browsing now.

Action Figures

Easy to spot a collection of action figures, these toys are the favorite characters in comic books, cartoons, and movies. If the collector in your life loves action figures, chances are you can pick up on a theme or particular storyline they love best. Are they into Star Wars figures? Do they collect Batman figures? Are they a fan of DC Comics or Marvel action figures? Both? The collector in your life might appreciate action figures from all types of movies and comic books, or lean toward a single theme. Whatever the case, an action figure under the tree is sure to put a smile on their face and show that you truly care about their lifestyle.


Unlike action figures, statues and figurines don’t have many moving parts and are often posed on connected bases and come with accessories. If nothing else, the product will be labeled and categorized as a statue, making it easy for you to browse the latest selections to find the Game of Thrones or The Dark Knight Returns statue they’ve been waiting for.

Vinyl Figures

Vinyl figures are designer collectible toys made of vinyl. Your collector might prefer these toys over regular collector toys because most vinyl figures are rare, designed by great artists, and stylized characters from pop culture. You can also find urban vinyl toys of popular hip hop artists.


It’s easy to spot a vehicle collector in your life; they collect toy cars and vehicles. Whether they’re into vintage die-cast cars or vehicles from popular movies and comic books, their collection revolves around transportation. Most collector vehicles feature doors that open, detailed interiors, and come with nice display bases or cases that your collector is sure to appreciate.

Shop Collector Toys by Product

Of course, there are more than just four types of collectibles. Your collector might be into bobble heads, magnets, vintage lunchboxes! The list goes on and on. Explore collector toys, action figures, and a wide variety of collector gifts by type of product to find a thoughtful holiday gift for the collector in your life.



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