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When Xenomorphs Attack Who Will Be by Your Side?

When Predators and Aliens go to war, there are rarely any survivors. But while you can’t reason with the Xenomorphs, you may be able to prove yourself to the universe’s greatest hunters – if it’s a choice between fighting alongside the warrior Predators or having an ovipositor rammed down your throat, there’s really no choice, is there?

So be sure to get on the Predators’ good side when their hunt spills onto Earth. First step: the Aliens Vs. Predator Classic Predator HMF-045 Action Figure. This incredible Jungle Hunter from Herocross has been stunningly replicated from the sci-fi action flick, featuring 20 points of articulation for optimal posing.

The Predator mask can be removed to reveal the organic mandible face beneath. Crafted from metal alloy and plastic outfits, this Predator has been meticulously recreated in every detail, from the dreadlocked tentacles to the powerful armor.

He stands 5 1/2-inches tall and comes with several accessories, including 2 combi-sticks, a syringe gun, interchangeable hands, and trophy skulls. This fearsome hunter will be stalking onto shelves by February, so pre-order now – before he disappears into the jungle!



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