Head to the Dragonfly Inn with These Gilmore Girls Funko Pop! Vinyls

Funko Gilmore Girls Pop! Vinyl Figures

It took me years to finally start watching the Gilmore Girls. When I say that, I mean that I genuinely hadn’t seen a single second of the show prior to last Saturday. I’m sure a lot of Rorys out there just spat out their coffee in surprise, but it’s the truth. Considering the show’s staggering popularity, I really can’t tell you how I went 16 years without a moment of it touching my eyeballs, but here we are!

For the few fellow Millennials that are also living under a rock and managed to miss out on what I now admit is a true delight of a show, when I say “staggering popularity,” that isn’t hyperbole. In the beginning of October the show decided to celebrate their anniversary, and the new episodes that will be hitting Netflix in November, by sponsoring pop-up Luke’s Diners throughout America. The turnout was insane. We’re talking waiting hours in multiple locations for a free cup of coffee with a sleeve that said “Luke’s” on it insane. The hours long waits across the country aside, most fans were delighted to do it. That’s some fan loyalty right there!

While I was late to the party, it seems I decided to hop on the Gilmore Girls hype train at just the right time. On top of the aforementioned Netflix revival, we’re also getting some brand new Funko Pop! figures to add to our ever growing collection, and these beauties will look lovely next to that Luke’s Diner or Dragonfly Inn sign hanging up in your home!

Rory comes in her Chilton uniform with school books, Lorelai comes with the aforementioned Luke’s coffee cup (of course!), and Sookie St. James is dressed in her signature chef’s outfit.

So, grab your cup of coffee and start your Gilmore Girls Pop! collection today!

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