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First Look and Pre-Order of Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection

Morph into action with this all-new Power Rangers Lightning Wave 1 set. With eight individually packaged figures, this boxed set features ultra-realistic designs and jaw-dropping articulation. As the first release in the highly anticipated new line, Hasbro’s heralding a new era for Power Rangers fans everywhere.

Hasbro has full control of the expansive Power Rangers line, and if these figures are any indication, they’re in good hands.

This first set features highly detailed figures spanning the vast ends of the Power Rangers universe. First up is The Emperor of Evil, Lord Zedd himself. With 20 points of articulation, he sports impeccable paint details and looks every bit as menacing as he did on TV. He even comes with a lightning-shaped attachment for his staff so you can make it look like he’s blasting the Rangers into oblivion. Pure awesome.

Next up is the iconic White Ranger in all his original glory. With a bundle of interchangeable options and his enchanted short sword by his side, he’s definitely a knockout. Just look at all the work that went into capturing the character’s likeness. 

The Dino Charge Red Ranger springs into action with his signature weapons and some seriously impressive posability options. With swappable heads and hands, he features top-notch paint details and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

And last but not least, the Shadow Ranger from Power Rangers S.P.D is back and ready to rumble. With awesome articulation, two different head options (one with the helmet and one without), and two different sets of hands, there’s really no shortage of posing options.

As the first release in a new line of figures, you can pre-order this set now. And be sure to keep an eye out for the new Beast Morphers!



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