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Meet The Droids: R7-F5

R7-F5 Droid

Astromech droids all have some aesthetics in common. Their cylindrical shape allows them access to droid ports in starfighters and frigates. They also have loads of tools and know-how that makes them ideal and handy companions on any star voyage. Over time, from imprinting with a person, they develop character traits that make them stand apart from the others, just like their individual paint and configuration makes them stand out, as well. R7-F5 is a distinctive astromech with orange coloring and a stern loyalty to Shadow Squadron.

R7-F5 is ideal for Y-Wing Fighters. Y-Wings aren’t quite as agile as the X-Wing, or as fast as the A-Wing, but the bulky fighters are well armored and can carry a heavy load of weaponry. This makes the Y-Wing ideal for large-scale attacks, but often in need of an escort. They’re not the prettiest fighters around, but they get the job done and come home, often battered and bruised. R7-F5 is comfortable with his odds and ready to service the heavy fighters.

Appearing briefly in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode “Shadow of Malevolence,” R7-F5 instantly captured the imagination of viewers. His bright, distinctive look shows that he is well cared for, repaired and cleaned often, even after tight battles. He looks great along with the other figures from the Grand Army of the Republic, or along with your expanded astromech droid collection.

The Hasbro Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures collection is an Entertainment Earth exclusive. This is the first time that collectors have been able to acquire an R7-F5 figure, and it comes along with five other little-seen droids. This exclusive collection from Hasbro is unique in every way and available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth!

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Droid Exclusive



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