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25 Harley Quinn-Centric Collectibles to Celebrate Her 25 Years

Hey, Puddin’! Can you believe it’s been 25 years since the introduction of everyone’s favorite Maid of Mischief? With so many different versions of Harley Quinn, it’s hard to choose a favorite. So, to celebrate Harley’s 25th Anniversary I’m here to highlight 25 awesome collectibles for every fan to show off their Harley love.

Batman: The Animated Series Harley

1. Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Harley Quinn Statue

Let’s start off with this Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Harley Quinn Statue. It features Harley sitting on a tied up Batman. He’s hunched over with a big red bow around his neck and a note from the Joker that says, “Happy Anniversary HARLEY! Love Mr. J.” It’s a great throwback to the animated series where Harley got her start. There’s also a plaque on the front of the base with the number 25 in the middle of a black and red silhouette of Harley’s head. This statue is the perfect piece to commemorate this special anniversary. Pre-order it now to receive it in October!

2. Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary Harley Quinn Bust

If you really want to celebrate Harley’s anniversary by paying homage to her true beginnings then adding this bust to your collection is the way to do it. Harley’s very first appearance was in the Batman: The Animated Series episode, “Joker’s Favor,” where she dresses as a police officer to break into the police station. This bust is derived from this scene and comes with two interchangeable heads to show her masked or unmasked.

3. Batman: The Animated Series Nurse Harley Premier Collection Statue

Harley’s silly side comes out with this 12-inch resin statue of Harley dressed up in a nurse’s outfit. This is a great high-quality statue that is limited to 3,000 pieces and comes with its own certificate of authenticity. She’s irresistible – blowing a kiss to her next victim (I mean patient). Don’t miss out on your chance to seduce your own victims by ordering her!

4. Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Action Figure with Expressions Pack

If you are like me then this old school inspired action figure might be up your alley. Not only does she come with a plethora of interchangeable, expressive faces, but she also comes with her two sidekick hyenas. Being super articulated she can be easily posed to create hours of fun for fans of all ages.

5. Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Pop! Vinyl Figure

Have you heard of Pop! Vinyl Figures? Of course, you have! They’re everywhere and have a figure for every fandom! Sticking with the Batman: The Animated Series look, you can add this cute figure to your other Harleys by ordering her now!

6. Batman Harley’s Holiday Statue

Who’s ready for a shopping spree? This statue of Harley was inspired by the opening title card from Batman: TAS episode, “Harley’s Holiday.” It is a really great version of Harley that celebrates her simplistic and fun attitude. She comes out in January and is available for pre-order now!

Classic Harley Collectibles

7. Batman Harley Quinn Mugshot Bust

While there have been many different iterations of our lovely Harley this bust features her in a way you may not have ever seen before. A mugshot showing our dear Harley caught and booked by Gotham PD! She comes on a stand with an oversized police badge. It is a different take that makes a very cool piece for any Harley fan. Order her now before she escapes those pesky handcuffs!

8. Batman Harley Quinn Super Deluxe Vinyl Figure

This Funko toy has some real attitude. It is a 10-inch vinyl version of Harley holding her pop gun in the classic jumpsuit with a slight smile just begging someone to cross her. Order her now to show off your fun sassy clown style on your desk or at home!

9. DC Comics Tribute Series Harley Quinn 18-Inch Big Figs Action Figure

Large-and-in-charge in this black and white version of classic Harley from the Jakk’s Pacific Big Figs toy line. She even comes in a displayable comic book panel box that opens up to reveal a window box. She measures 18-inches, so make some room when you order this one.

10. DC Super Powers Collection Harley Quinn Maquette Statue

As part of the DC Superpowers statue collection, Tweeterhead has designed a new take on the classic look of Harley Quinn. This maquette statue is 18 1/2-inch tall from funhouse base to the tip of the bomb in Harley’s right hand. Her gleeful expression is enhanced by her flying through the air with a jetpack on her back. Pre-order her now.

11. LDD Presents Classic Harley Quinn Doll

We may all know Harley to be a sexy vixen but this creepy doll version from Mezco reminds us we are dealing with a true psychopath! This Living Dead Doll showcases a classic version of Harley in her head-to-toe black and red body suit. She is also a nod back to the classic porcelain dolls that are sure to leave an impression to anyone who lays eyes on her in your collection.

12. Harley Quinn XXRAY 4-Inch Deluxe Vinyl Figure

You may have always wondered what makes up the Maid of Mischief. Well now with this super cool 4-inch scale XXRAY vinyl figure of Harley you can get a peek inside. She is dissected down the middle to show you exactly what makes up her insides.

DC Bombshells Harley

13. DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Deluxe Statue

I’ve had the pleasure of writing about this new deluxe version of the Harley Quinn DC Bombshell statue before. This deluxe version is the first of its kind in the toy line and was designed after the original drawings by artist Ant Lucia. Good thing is she is still available for pre-order! Make sure you get your order in quick because she is sure to be a hit just like her first Bombshell version!

14. DC Bombshells Harley Quinn Dorbz Vinyl Figure #413

This Dorbz Bombshell Harley lives up to its name being super adorable! She comes in two versions, full color, and a chase that’s monochrome with touches of red. She will make anyone smile holding her cute pop gun and is perfect for displaying anywhere.

Suicide Squad Harley

15. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn MAF EX Action Figure – Previews Exclusive

From her Suicide Squad film debut, our lovely Harley is perfect as a MAF EX action figure. She is the spitting image of actress Margot Robbie with both of her interchangeable faces. She comes with an assortment of accessories including a mallet, pistol and her handy baseball bat. Standing just over 6-inches tall and fully articulated this action figure is a great addition for Harley collectors. Order her now!

16. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn DC Comics Q-Fig PVC Figure

If you are looking for something a little smaller and less expensive – this Q-Fig figure of the Suicide Squad Harley is just what you need! She’s small enough to display on your desk at work but cute enough to make anyone who walks by want to get a closer look. She’s one of my favorite pieces in my personal collection with her “Goodnight” baseball bat billowing smoke at the end.

Video Game Harley

17. Batman: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn 1:10 Scale Statue

From the hit video game, Batman: Arkham Knight, we have a sinister nurse 1:10 scale statue of Harley. She’s posed to entice with one hand on her hip and the other playfully on her bat. Being hand painted you are sure to get some great quality showing off the original 3D renderings from the game. She comes out this month so don’t miss your chance to order her before she treats a new patient.

Artist Versions of Harley

18. DC Comics Artists’ Alley Harley Quinn by Sho Murase Limited Edition Statue

This fantastic artist alley rendition of Harley Quinn comes from one of my own favorite artists, Sho Murase. I go into detail in a previous article about how I found her years ago just walking around SDCC. This statue is not only a great artistic rendition but comes with an art print that can be displayed with her. This artist’s rendition of Harley has a soft silhouette from her original sketch brought to life with this statue. Pre-order her, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy to assemble your own Gotham City Siren crew!

19. Batman Black and White Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner Statue

Amanda Conner has done a really amazing job drawing Harley Quinn for the series that started during the New 52 and is now carrying over through the new DC Rebirth series. She was able to create a new take on Harley Quinn that shows her with two-toned hair parted down the middle and a much more badass style than of previous versions. She’s updated the character that can be seen in this statue, which comes out in November.

20. Harley Quinn Red, White and Black Harley Quinn by Babs Tarr Statue

From the exclusive variant cover of Harley Quinn Rebirth #1 for Fried Pie Comics, is the statue rendition of Babs Tarr’s version of a roller derby Harley. Monochromatic with splashes of red, this statue is only slightly changed from the variant cover. She’s winking with pursed lips holding her oversized mallet flying through the air held up on a simple stand that says, “Harley Quinn.” She’s a striking artist rendition that comes out in April of 2018 that you can pre-order now to ensure she lands on your shelf!

21. DC Comics Cover Girls Harley Quinn by Joelle Jones Statue

Did someone say easy breezy cover girl? This really cool expensive Harley is part of the DC Comics Cover Girls statue collection from Eisner Award-nominated artist, Joelle Jones. Jones’ ability to bring across lively jovial expressions truly come to life with this dolled up version of Harley. She’s posing for her close-up with one leg up in the air, her right hand holding her fired pop gun and left hand framing her smiling face. She stands about 9-inches tall from base to the tip of her cowl and comes out in April of 2018. Pre-order this 5,000 piece limited run now and receive free shipping for all U.S. customers.

Harley Wearables

22. Harley Quinn Classic Chair Cape

While this isn’t a wearable in the traditional sense, you can dress your chair up with this Harley Quinn Chair Cape. Perfect for the everyday mischievous villainess or villain to add some Harley flair to your chair.

23. Batman Harley Quinn Beanie Hat

Take your style to a new level with this Harley inspired beanie hat. This is a one size fits all and will keep any fan warm in the upcoming fall and winter season. Order yours today to show off your love for your favorite Maid of Mischief.

24. DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn Fleece Bathrobe

Get cozy in this Harley Bombshell fleece bathrobe. It features a hood, red belt, red diamond detailing, a yellow Harley Quinn monogram on the left breast and a picture of Harley in her Bombshell attire. Order yours now to make sure you stay warm in the cold winter nights to come.

From Harley’s Creator

25. Batman Black and White Harley Quinn by Paul Dini Statue

Finally, to finish our celebration of Harley’s 25th Anniversary we have this fantastic black and white statue of my favorite villainess. This statue is an homage to the original sketch for Harley’s character design from creator Paul Dini. Inspired by actress Arleen Sorkin in a scene from Days of Our Lives, Dini designed Harley as we know her to be the Joker’s main squeeze. This statue is limited to 5,200 pieces worldwide and available now.

So there you have it. 25 years and 25 collectibles to celebrate the one and only Harley Quinn! There are plenty of amazing items for every fan to help you celebrate and show off your Harley love in your collection.

Did we miss a Harley Quinn product that you think should have made this list? Let us know in the comments your favorite Harley collectible to celebrate her 25th Anniversary.




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