Harley and the Joker Lend a Hand in This Nifty Set of Statues

Joker and Harley Quinn Puddin Pop Hand Statue

Every evil lair – or heroic hideout – needs a unique flourish or two. A conversation piece or a fun accent to set it apart from all others.

Cryptozoic clearly wants to lend a helping hand with this: their new Joker Calling Card and Harley Quinn Puddin’ Pop Hand Statues are just the right kind of different. (If you choose to decorate with any other sort of hands that might earn you a stay in Arkham, so I advise you stick with Cryptozoic.)

Whether you choose to affix these statues to the wall for a bit of reality-bending fun, or just set them on a bookcase or display shelf, they’re sure to get a response from any visitors to your inner sanctum.

Crafted of hand-painted, durable polyresin, there’s no question who’s behind these villainous gauntlets. That murderous mobster’s moll Harley Quinn stands 9-inches and holds a jolly green lollipop featuring the distinctive grin of her beloved Mistah Jay.

Going hand-in-hand with Harley (yuk yuk) is the Clown Prince of Crime’s disembodied glove, which stands 10 1/2-inches tall and comes with four interchangeable playing cards – so you can choose just what sort of calling card the Joker wants to leave behind.

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