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New Action Figures So Detailed Even Hannibal Lecter Would Be Impressed

Dr. Hannibal Lecter must be one of the world’s most interesting gentlemen. With his impressive degree and intellect, fine accent, and exquisite taste in music, art, and literature, you can always rely on him to provide fantastic dinner conversation.

If only his idea of a good dinner didn’t include marinated flank of man…

Blitzway has unveiled a new pair of action figures so exquisitely detailed, even Dr. Lecter himself would be impressed.

The Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter White Prison Uniform Action Figure features “Hannibal the Cannibal” just as he looked when FBI agent Clarice Starling first visited him in maximum security. The face has been perfectly sculpted to recreate the likeness of Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Over 30 points of articulation allow you to pose Dr. Lecter in numerous realistic attitudes; as a 1:6 scale figure, he stands approximately 12-inches tall. Included are a wealth of movie accurate accessories, so you can recreate the prison scenes from Silence of the Lambs:

  • 1x white t-shirt with prisoner number B5160-8
  • 1x pair of white cotton pants
  • 1x inner bodysuit
  • 1x pair of white socks
  • 1x pair of white shoes
  • 1x chair
  • 1x nightstick
  • 1x pair of handcuffs
  • 1x folding knife
  • 1x fountain pen
  • 1x Clarice drawing prop
  • 1x Catholic Church drawing prop
  • 1x eye drawing prop
  • 1x patterned carpet
  • 1x figure stand

The Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter Straightjacket Action Figure comes straight from one of the most iconic segments of the film after Dr. Lecter has been moved from prison (and just before he manages a violent, bloody escape).

Designed along the same specs as the other figure, he also comes with:

  • 1x orange prison uniform with prisoner number B1329-0
  • 1x straightjacket
  • 1x inner bodysuit
  • 1x pair of black socks
  • 1x pair of black shoes
  • 1x iconic Hannibal mask
  • 1x black rod mask
  • 1x movable gurney with straps
  • 1x symbolic sign stand
  • 1x figure stand

These figures are remarkably realistic and incredibly detailed. And, like Dr. Lecter himself, they won’t stick around for long, so place your order now. We’ll be sure to send the not-so-good doctor on a house call this March.



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