Spooky Halloween Fun at Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth Halloween

It’s that time of year again, where all the ghouls and goblins at Entertainment Earth come out to play! Every year we celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with decorations, costumes, and lots and lots of candy. Take a look at this year’s celebration:

Halloween Decorations

Our decorating contest was ominously opulent. Each team created themed area based on beloved pop culture properties. Last year’s winners, our Operations/Accounting Team, went with a spine-chilling Stephen King theme. Our In-House Brands Team decided to seek out adventure with Indiana Jones. And finally, the Purchasing/Marketing Team took home the Triwizard Cup with their rendition of the Wizarding World.

Halloween Costumes

From Star Wars to Bob’s Burgers to Guardians of the Galaxy, Entertainment Earth employees came up with a variety of Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween!

What are your big plans for the Halloween? Tell us in the comments!



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