We Wants This Gollum Statue, Precious, Yes We Do

When Frodo spared slimy Gollum’s life, we all feared he would come to regret it. And it’s true that the grasping, murderous creature transformed by desire for the One Ring didn’t make things easy for the struggling Frodo or loyal Sam. But in the end, we saw that mercy can sometimes lead to the world’s ultimate salvation.

He’ll never win any beauty pageants, but Gollum did save Middle-earth (albeit unintentionally), and he remains one of the most conflicted and complicated characters in fantasy literature.

Weta Workshop is paying tribute to Tolkien’s cautionary tale against all-consuming greed with an incredibly lifelike recreation of the creature once called Smeagol.

Two and a half years in development, this 1:3 scale Gollum statue marks the beginning of a brand-new Weta’s Master Collection line of collectible statues. Featuring hand-placed hair and an actual leather loincloth, Gollum is painstakingly crafted by master sculptor Jamie Beswarick. A layer of clear resin replicates the effect of a subterranean cavern, so Gollum’s semi-translucent skin and rocky perch gleam as if wet!

The Lord of the Rings Gollum 1:3 Scale Masters Collection Statue measures 16 1/2-inches tall x 13-inches long and arrives in a premium designer box emblazoned with an exclusive art print from Alan Lee himself. This statue is limited to a mere 589 numbered pieces representing each year of Gollum’s unnaturally long life under the thrall of the One Ring.

Order today and clear a space in your The Lord of the Rings collection for this ultimate collector of magical jewelry!



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