Let Vault Boy Prepare You for the Apocalypse Through This Exclusive Vinyl Figure

Vault Boy

In the Fallout universe, consumerism doesn’t destroy humanity, but it does accompany us through our destruction. Vault Boy is the mascot for the end of the world. Created by Vault-Tec, the company that sells huge underground vaults where people can ride out nuclear holocaust in style and comfort. According to the video game series, Vault Boy is so ubiquitous in 23rd Century culture, that he serves as the official symbol of nuclear conflict and the aftermath.

Now, you can level up your chances of survival with the Fallout Vault Boy Toughness Dorbz Vinyl Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive. The figure comes in three colors: red, yellow, and blue. Wearing a tone-deaf smile, Vault Boy is more than happy to accompany you through the destruction of nuclear war and the bleak reality of nuclear winter.

This adorable vinyl captures the spirit of Fallout’s most iconic figure. Vault Boy is happy-go-lucky through the horrors that are the end of the world. The Vault-Tec corporation seems to think that through an advertising campaign built on optimistic ignorance, the public will not only feel safer, but they will make a bundle. Vault Boy is one of the most biting pieces of satire found in video games.

This Toughness Dorbz Vinyl exclusive figure captures the satire well, and brings 23rd Century consumerism to life in the most fun way. Each figure measures about 3-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. This figure will be available soon, but is ready for pre-order exclusively through Entertainment Earth!

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Vault Boy



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