Once Upon Another Time, There Were Shrek Pop! Vinyl Figures

Shrek Pop! Vinyl Figures

We can stay up late swapping manly Shrek Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko, and in the morning, we’re making waffles!

From Dreamworks’ brilliant animated classic, Shrek, comes three new Pop! Vinyls that are essential for your collection.

The first figure is like an onion – it has many layers (and it doesn’t turn brown and start sprouting little white hairs if you leave it out in the sun). Shrek comes in his familiar peasant outfit, complete with bright green skin.

This Donkey Pop! Vinyl needs a hug and you’re the one to give it to him! With a wide smile on his face, the friendly and hilarious side-kick to Shrek is one of the cutest Pop! Vinyls yet.

Just look at those fancy boots on this last figure! Puss in Boots is a suave, sword-wielding hero in his own right. Ready to duel, this figure shows the popular feline decked out and sword poised for a fight.

All figures measure 3 3/4-inches and come in window display boxes. These are iconic characters and will go great in any collection! They’re available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and slated to arrive in March 2016.

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Shrek Pop! Vinyl

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Shrek Donkey pop! Vinyl

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Shrek Puss in Boots Pop! Vinyl



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