New Hikari Has Come to This Island Earth in Peace

metaluna mutant hikari

Classic science-fiction is what Universal does best and This Island Earth is one of their greats. The mutants from the planet of Metaluna are striking figures and famous aliens. Now you can get to know them too with Funko’s Retro Metaluna Mutant Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure!

The figure from Funko is a fun piece. It looks just like the unmistakable mutants from the movie. It has the iconic brain-like head, claws for hands and feet, and veins popping out all over its body.

It’s one of the most colorful Hikaris, too. Purple, teal, and orange-red really make the Metaluna stand out. This Island Earth may have been in color, but certainly not like this! It has a glossy, shiny texture that really gives the figure a finished look.

The Metalunans are at war and their society is crumbling. They come to Earth to seek help and refuge, but ultimately force humans into a Thought Transference Chamber to subjugate their free will. But one Metalunan, Exeter, helps the humans escape and dies in the process. It’s a tragic story, remembered since 1955.

You won’t want to miss out on one of the most classic aliens of all time, especially when it’s a limited run of only 750 pieces! The Retro Metaluna Mutant Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure is currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with an expected arrival of March.

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retro metaluna mutant hikari



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