Funko x Playmobil TMNT Entertainment Earth Exclusive!


Two of the biggest names in toys and collectibles have joined up to bring a pretty wicked collaboration. This is the kind of thing that redefines the notion of “retro” when it comes to collecting. These outstanding new Funko x Playmobil action figures take the biggest name in pop-culture vinyl and mix it with the classic stylized aesthetic of the Playmobil toys you’ve loved since 1974. The result is nothing short of a collector’s dream! Pop culture figures that look like something out of your childhood but bigger than ever.

What better way to mark this totally tubular announcement than with the sulking darkhorse of the Ninja Turtles team? The new Funko x Playmobil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Black and White Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive will leave fans with their jaws on the floor! Capturing the character and his twin sai daggers in stunning Playmobil glory. Wearing his trademark red mask, the rest of his body has been drained of color and comes to you in stark black and white, harkening back to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book.

Standing 6-inches tall, each one of the Funko x Playmobil figures is the perfect for retro popular culture collectors. Each figure features articulation at the shoulders and wrists.

Expand your action figure collection today pre-order this exclusive figure from Entertainment Earth!

TMNT Raphael Black and White Playmobil Figure - EE Exclusive



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