Claim Your Victory With These Overwatch Heroes!

Blizzard’s Overwatch has won over the hearts of gamers worldwide! With the diversity of character traits, backstories, and gameplay almost every player has a hero they can relate to.  Funko has now reimagined even more of your favorite Overwatch heroes as Pop! vinyl figures!


Alright… get your game face on because D.Va is number one and she can’t wait to get into the fight! The D.Va Pop! vinyl figure measures in at about 1 3/4-inches and comes with her 6-inch MEKA that opens up and allows you to place the D.Va Pop! right inside. Piloting her MEKA she’s ready to own all of the noobs!


Freeze! Don’t Move! This Mei Pop! specializes in abnormal climate phenomena and their effects on different ecosystems around the world. She knows that sounds boring but… she will do her best to make it entertaining! This figure is dressed in her classic attire complete with black-framed glasses and holds her weather-altering device.


Justice ain’t gonna dispense itself and this gunslingin’ vigilante McCree Pop! has some unfinished business. He’s armed with his trusty Peacekeeper revolver with a lit cigar between his teeth. He is also donned in his large cowboy hat, red cloak, and BAMF belt buckle.


The international celebrity Lucio Pop! is ready to roll into your collection and help you give in to the groove. He’s rocking his DJ outfit with his symbol proudly worn on his chest and stands on his hard-light skates.


Do not deviate from the plan and this Symmetra A.K.A. Satya Vaswani Pop! could be yours. This figure is posed ready to manipulate hard-light constructs and comes with a small vinyl particle-blasting Sentry Turret.


This 6″ Reinhardt Pop! is a champion of the bygone age and lives by knightly codes of valor, justice, and courage. This figure is highly armored and equipped with the Rocket Hammer.

What’s with all this standing around? Rush over and pre-order these new Overwatch Funko Pop! figures now!





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