Brand New Pop! Vinyls Are First of Their Kind to Be Cloned


They may be clones, but they sure do have personalities that belong all to themselves! Funko presents brand new figures from the popular sci-fi TV series with Orphan Black Pop! Vinyl Figures!

There are five figures total, all of different clones.

Sarah Manning is the main clone and she looks great here, dressed in black and carrying a bag on her shoulder.

You might think Alison Hendrix has a cookie-cutter life but that is far from the truth. This Pop! Vinyl shows her looking perfect, with her hair up and dressed in an ensemble of pink, white, and gray.

Cosima Niehaus is trying to understand the science of being a clone. The figure shows her in a white lab coat and carrying a book because as a grad student, there’s a lot of studying involved!

Helena is the twin sister of Sarah, but you might not know it. With wild blonde hair, she’s a fanatic assassin and you can definitely see it here as she’s covered in blood and carrying a knife.

Last is Rachel Duncan, one of the more interesting clones because she grew up knowing who she was as a “pro-clone”. The figure gives off a cold vibe, with her blonde hair and narrowed eyebrows as she carries a martini glass in one hand.

These unique Pop! Vinyls are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth with an expected arrival of June 2015.

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» Pre-Order Orphan Black Sarah Manning Pop! Vinyl Figure

Sarah Manning Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Orphan Black Alison Hendrix Pop! Vinyl Figure

Alison Hendrix Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Orphan Black Cosima Niehaus Pop! Vinyl Figure

Cosima Niehaus Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Orphan Black Helena Pop! Vinyl Figure

Helena Pop! Vinyl

» Pre-Order Orphan Black Rachel Duncan Pop! Vinyl Figure

Rachel Duncan Pop! Vinyl



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