Join the Jamboree with Adorable New Disney Dorbz Vinyl Figures

Disney Dorbz

All you need is faith, trust, and Disney Dorbz vinyl figures from Funko to have the most magical collection of all!

Whether it’s classics, princesses, or Pixar you like, these 3-inch tall round, smiling figures are perfect for every Disney fan.

Mickey and his pal Goofy are here, ready to get up to hijinks and fun! Mickey sports a side smile and his classic red shorts, while Goofy’s buck teeth and green hat will certainly bring a smile to your face.

The wild alien Stitch may seem like a lot of maintenance at first, but he’ll be one of the best and cuddliest friends you have. Just look at those big ears and furry stomach!

I’ve heard of these next two Dorbz, once upon a dream… Aurora in her pink dress (sorry, Merryweather!) and crown looks like every bit the regal princess she is. Just watch out for Maleficent! The sorceress may be smiling, but she’s still a dark and frightening villain.

Through the door we go last with Boo and her kitty. From Pixar’s beloved Monsters, Inc. comes Boo in her pink pajamas and the fluffy, horned monster Sulley who we all wish we could hug.

Well, these figures aren’t exactly huggable but they certainly are precious! They come packaged in double-sided window display boxes and are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. They’re expected to arrive in December 2015.

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» Pre-Order Mickey Mouse Disney Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Mickey Mouse Dorbz

» Pre-Order Disney Goofy Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Goofy Dorbz

» Pre-Order Lilo & Stitch Stitch Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Stitch Dorbz

» Pre-Order Sleeping Beauty Aurora Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Sleeping Beauty Dorbz

» Pre-Order Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Maleficent Dorbz

» Pre-Order Monsters, Inc. Sulley Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Sulley Dorbz

» Pre-Order Monsters, Inc. Boo Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Boo Dorbz



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