Funko’s New Take on Batgirl

Batgirl Pop! Vinyl Figure

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl swung onto the pages of Detective Comics #359, and she’s been an icon ever since. Following Betty Kane’s less popular “Bat-Girl,” Barbara took over in “The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl” and fans never looked back.

For over 50 years, Babs has seen the pages of comic books, graced our televisions, and even made a (questionable) appearance in a film that a lot of fans just want to forget! In those appearances we’ve seen her evolve as a character. As Barbara, Batgirl, Oracle, and in her return to the cowl in the New 52, she has continued to inspire generations of women with both her brains and brawn.

In the evolutions of characters, they inevitably fluctuate in tone. Barbara Gordon has evolved with the times as the character has aged, and each creator has had a bit of a different spin. While Gail Simone’s run of Batgirl stories were darker, Brendon Fletcher and Cameron Stewart wrote a different character. Joined with the art of Babs Tarr, we meet a plucky young woman starting a new life as a PhD student while trying to get passed her previous trauma.

Babs Tarr’s art was one of the most highly praised aspects of the run. Her revamp of the classic costume was met with overall excitement, which is surprising since our community has a rough time with change sometimes! Harkening back to the color scheme of Batgirl’s costume in the old Batman television show Tarr delivered a practical and fun new look to the heroin.

After a short two year wait, Funko has delivered a figure that captures the art of the new look of the iconic heroin. She’s packaged in the standard Funko POP! Vinyl Figure box, and is the traditional 3 ¾-inches tall. Pre-order now from Entertainment Earth and add her to the rest of your Bat-Family collectibles!

Batgirl Vinyl



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