Details Released About Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film

Fullmetal Alchemist may have ended six years ago, with the anime ending even before that, but it’s still one of the most beloved manga and anime series.

If you’re a fan of the series, which takes place in an alternate Edwardian universe where alchemy is considered science, this news will definitely be of interest to you.

Director Fumihiko Sori (Ichi, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker) is working on a live-action film adaptation of the series, with Hey! Say! JUMP and NYC member Ryosuke Yamada set to play lead character Edward Elric.

The story follows brothers Edward and Alphonse who, after experimenting with alchemy as children to resurrect their dead mother and having it backfire, are on a quest to find the philosopher’s stone. This stone will help them restore their bodies – Edward’s arm and leg and Alphonse’s entire body.

Along the way, Edward becomes a State Alchemist and they meet several colorful characters, including Roy Mustang and his government/military team and the Homunculi, the main antagonists of the series, named after the Seven Deadly Sins.

The film is set to film from June to August in Italy, with a planned release of next year.

Are you excited to see FMA in live-action? Sound off below!

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