Fox Exhumes 1973’s The Exorcist – Re-Imagined As TV Series

In yet another one of Hollywood’s attempts at milking a beloved film for all it’s worth by re-imagining the story as a TV series (see: From Dusk Till Dawn, Psycho, Teen Wolf, and a litany of others), the time has come, it would seem, for Fox to give the same treatment to the classic supernatural horror film, The Exorcist.

The trailer gives us a bit of a creepy impression – in large part thanks to the music used – and the TV series seems to expand ever-so-slightly on the original story, but for the most part, it simply looks more like a longer and modernized version of the 1973 film. IMDb mentions that the TV show is based on William Blatty’s 1971 novel, but much of the imagery used as promotional material seems to just echo the screen version, and even the film’s infamous theme song is being utilized, so who knows how accurate the IMDB information is in this case.

The cast looks good enough, at least, starring Academy Award Winner Geena Davis playing the mother, and the ever-steady Ben Daniels playing the role of the older priest, with some less well-known actors playing the other roles.

The trailer, unfortunately, seems a little disjointed thematically, and it’s still questionable as to how they’re going to stretch The Exorcist’s two-hour runtime across an entire season of hour-long television episodes, and while Fox doesn’t have a long list of resume entries for TV shows in the Horror genre, the show at least looks promising enough to warrant a viewing of the first episode to see if the series catches interest.

The Exorcist’s first episode premiers on Fox, on September 23, 2016.



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