Never Lose Your Keys (Phone, Purse, or Dog) Again with foundmi!

Tired of searching the house for your keys, only to find them in the most frustratingly obvious place and be late to work? Or are you looking for a little extra security on your laptop, purse, or luggage? Now you can keep tabs on your valuables while still flexing your collector muscles with foundmi, the Bluetooth tracking keychain made with collector’s in mind!

LetĀ Batman watch over your keys! PutĀ Thor in charge of making sure your dog doesn’t go missing! And no one keeps tabs on a backpack quite like Darth Vader! The fact that foundmi has managed to get license DC, Marvel, and Star Wars shows that they understand what’s important to collector’s the world over.

This simple little Bluetooth enabled tag pairs with your phone via an app for iOS or Android. The app uses Location Services to find the last known place where your phone was connected to your hero, letting you know the 1000-foot range where your item is likely to be. If you’re in range of your hero, you can touch the app and have your tag emit a loud alarm, leading you right to the item you lost! Or, if your phone is the thing that’s gone missing, you can double-tap your foundmi hero and you’ll be able to quickly find your phone!

But that’s not all that this useful little device can do. You can dramatically up your selfie game by using foundmi as a remote to click your camera shutter! Thanks to your favorite hero or Star Wars character, your selfie’s will never have to stop at an arm’s length again!

Take a look at the amazing selection of foundmi personal heroes and order yours today at Entertainment Earth!



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