5 Cute and Cuddly Porgs from Force Friday II

Without having even seen them in a full feature film yet, the porgs (a new Star Wars species of creatures who inhabit the planet of Ahch-To) have taken the world by storm. People either love these little cute machines or they hate them and fear they’re the second coming of Ewoks (or worse, Jar Jar Binks), but the truth is we’re talking about them and we’ve only seen a couple seconds of them in a trailer. And as we’ve learned over the years, when we get a new character or creature from the Star Wars universe, we’re bound to be bombarded with merchandise for said new creation. The porgs are no different. It was no surprise to see the products below as some of the most popular merchandise from Force Friday II.

We’re a society addicted to coffee. You need something to drink your coffee out of and why not let that be in the shape of the adorable porg. It’ll sit on your desk and keep you company, all while never judging you over how many cups you’ve refilled into his tiny body. Sip away in your own Porg Ceramic Sculpted Mug.

Winter is coming – in a less dramatic way than in the Game of Thrones world – but it’s still on its way and you’re going to need to keep that noggin’ of yours toasty and warm. What better way to do this than with some style. Add this Porg Bigface Pom Beanie to your wardrobe in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and you’ll be waiting in line with an imaginary porg friend on your head with you. Not only will you be kept warm from the harsh weather but you’ll be guaranteed to catch some attention from your fellow Star Wars fans.

One of the bigger splash items from this year’s Force Friday event, this Porg Plush isn’t just cute and fuzzy, it talks! This porg tweets, chirps, waves and flaps its arms around and also moves forward and turns. Basically, you’ll have your very own dancing porg. Pop in three AA batteries and give the little guy a name and have hours of fun with one of pop cultures cutest creatures yet.

The cute and cuddly doesn’t stop when it comes to these little guys. Hug this guy, fall asleep cradling it in your arms, do all the things you’d do with a stuffed animal from your childhood but now as a grown adult… because it’s not weird. At all. Or buy the Porg 6 1/2-Inch Super Deformed Plush for a child who can do these things and it won’t be something you’d have to explain to your therapist.

You don’t need me to tell you the immense popularity of the Pop! Vinyl figures. I’m addicted, you’re addicted, we’ve all got a problem and we don’t care. Add this Porg Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head to your collection now and make sure you get that Chase variant showing off the cute little guys sharp teeth and different colored feathers.

This is just a taste of all the porg merchandise found in the world at this point. Jump on the train and have some porg fun before The Last Jedi comes out this December. Besides, it’s more fun enjoying things than hating on them. May the porg be with you!



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