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First Look: Star Wars Episode VII Chrome Trooper

Chrome Trooper

Are the Chrome Stormtroopers just rumors or will there really be metallic Troopers in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII.

According to Indie Revolver, not only will there be Chrome Troopers but there are already images circulating about the silver Troopers.

Chrome Trooper Concept Art

Concept Art

The Chrome Troopers are not just a shiny version of the standard-issue Troopers. Instead, they feature an altered design in line with the classic style but evolving with different contours.

The Chrome Trooper has a connected band across the eyes, flaring down at the cheeks. The jawline design mimics that of a TIE pilot and Snowtrooper. The new helmet maintains the classic, wider proportions of the original Storm Troopers. And don’t forget the quintessential Storm Trooper frown.

It also appears that the Chrome Troopers will have a metal collar in an upward direction from their torso but curving downward at the back.

Star Wars fans are eagerly anticipating Star Wars: Episode VII and these leaked images of the Chrome Trooper follow previous pictures leaked of Stormtroopers, Han’s costumes, and an aerial view of a partially built Millennium Falcon.

Above: Ralph McQuarrie’s Original Stormtrooper Design

More Star War VII Storm Trooper Concept Designs



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