Final Ride for Sons of Anarchy Begins Tonight on FX

When “Sons of Anarchy” premiered in September 2008, you could sense immediately that things might not end well.

The show is about a motorcycle club where men (and women) straddle the line between vigilante justice and total disregard for morality. Over six seasons, Jax Teller and his crew have walked that line, some paying for their sins, others narrowly escaping death. Expect Season 7 to feature several days of reckoning.

The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has already said there will be “no happy ending to the series.”

Sons of Anarchy returns tonight (Sept. 9) on FX, preparing for its final ride into … wherever this show and its characters are headed after this season’s final fade-out. The biker drama has been dark, brutal and wildly popular with FX viewers.

Will you be watching the 90-minute premiere? How do you think the final season will end?



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