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This Is Your Father’s Spider-Man, Only Bigger


The Symbiote returns from Marvel’s Secret Wars as a jumbo-size reproduction of the original Spider-Man Black Version action figure from the 1980s.

The Spider-Man Black Version Marvel Secret Wars Jumbo Action Figure showcases the webcrawler as he appeared in the Marvel’s line of Secret Wars action figures, based on the Secret Wars comic series.

In the 1980s comic Super Heroes Secret Wars, Spider-Man’s first encounter with the symbiote suit occurs on “Battleworld,” a planet in a distant galaxy. He dons the costume, unaware that it is an alien symbiote. To commemorate these comics, Marvel released a series of action figures, including this black symbiote suit Spider-Man.

Fans of the original action figure are in for a treat because Gentle Giant is releasing a jumbo-size reproduction of this epic action figure, just as he appeared in the original line of action figures. This 12-inch reproduction of the black suit Spider-Man evinces the rift Spider-Man and the symbiote.

No detail has been overlooked in the 12-inch scale black costume Spider-Man figure. The jumbo-size figure was digitally scanned from the original Mattel figure to be roto and injection molded before being made from durable plastics. The fully articulated figure includes a faithfully reproduced lenticular shield and is packaged this figure with a Secret Wars-inspired backer card featuring original photos and artwork.

This web-crawler is currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and is slated to arrive in October 2015.

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