Watch: YouTuber Makes Unliftable Replica of Thor’s Hammer and Pranks People

Do you remember the best scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron? It’s the party scene where everyone tries to pick up Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, of course.

Now YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced decided to make that a reality with his own Mjolnir and a fantastic prank video, which you can watch below!

Using electromagnets and a fingerprint scanner registered to work with his thumb, only those whose thumbs are worthy (or can figure out the secret), can lift the hammer.

It’s amusing watching people try to pick up Mjolnir, especially when they put so much effort into it.

Not only is it entertaining, though, but it’s great to see people combining their talents with their passions. The science and technology behind this version of Mjolnir is truly impressive.

Do you think this is a good prank? Sound off in the comments!

Sufficiently Advanced – Real Mjolnir



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