Illustrated Game of Thrones Playing Cards Take Fan Art to a Whole New Level

The world of Westeros is being fought over much like an intricate game of chance. So, it would only make sense for illustrator Amanda Penley to bring the characters of this beloved series to life as literal suits in a deck of cards.

Penley states that she first found inspiration for this project once she realized that the four main houses from Game of Thrones could be related to the four suits found in a deck. The artwork she created turned out extremely beautiful and detailed. See for yourself!

First up is House Stark as the suit of Spades. This set presents Ned as the King, Sansa as the Queen, Arya as the Jack, and Jon Snow as the Joker.


Next is House Targaryen as the suit of Diamonds. Featured here are Khal Drogo as the King, Daenerys as the Queen, and split into two halves of the Jack are Missandei and Jorah.


The family everyone loves to hate, House Lannister, is presented as the suit of Hearts. Displaying Joffrey as the King, Cersei and Jaime as two halves of the Queen, and Tyrion as the Jack.


House Baratheon is next shown as the suit of Clubs. This set portrays Robert as the King, Melisandre as the Queen, and Stannis as the Jack.


Filling the role of the other Joker card is Petyr Baelish (AKA Littlefinger).

The Ace cards are divided as such: Varys as the Ace of Diamonds, Bran Stark as the Ace of Spades, Brienne of Tarth as the Ace of Clubs, and Margaery Tyrell as the Ace of Hearts.


What’s really fun about this artwork is the little details you’ll notice the longer you examine each piece. From Arya wielding her trusty sword Needle, to the tiny dragon perched on Daenerys shoulder. Fellow fans of this series will love the effort and care that has been put into each illustration.

Lucky for us, there will still be more artwork to come! Penley hasn’t finished creating the numbered cards yet. She says that once they’re all finished she would love to turn them into an actual physical playing deck. Make sure to check out her website and follow her on Tumblr for updates!


What’s your take on this artwork? Would you buy a deck of cards? Let us know in the comments!

Source: BuzzFeed



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