Fan Made Friday: This Real Life Hypnotoad Sees All

The world of Matt Groening’s Futurama is both vast and fantastical. No other character quite embodies that more than the mysterious Hypnotoad. As his name suggests, he’s an amphibian that can hypnotize others into doing his bidding.

Fans of the show were recently made aware of a live-action fan film titled Fan-O-Rama. An homage to the series that they love, the trailer showcased highly detailed prosthetics and costumes. Along with the regular recurring characters, it looks like Hypnotoad will be joining the fun as well!

The extraordinary animatronic was created by special effects artist Brian Wade and Tested’s Frank Ippolito. The Hypnotoad is beautifully hand painted and looks exactly like his animated counterpart. He also features a lifelike breathing motion and mesmerizing animated eyes. Get the full scoop by checking out the behind the scenes video!

All glory to the Hypnotoad!



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