You Won’t Believe the Story behind This Exclusive Marilyn Monroe Pop!

“Feel the breeze from the subway! Isn’t it delicious?”

A little after 1 am on September 15, 1954 thousands of bystanders crowded the corner of Lexington Ave. and 52 St. in New York City to witness cinematic history. It was on that night and on that corner where actress Marilyn Monroe had her ivory halter dress blown up over her hips by the uptown 6 while filming Billy Wilder’s romantic comedy, The Seven Year Itch. The scene, which caused such a commotion with the crowd that all the shots that Billy Wilder filmed that night were unusable, was staged by 20th Century Fox’s marketing department. They had “leaked” the time and location to the press to help drum up publicity for the film. Good thing too, because the press photographs of Marilyn on that crisp New York night have become as iconic as the scene in the movie.

When Funko announced that they were making Exclusive Marilyn Monroe Pop!s, the one look that was on the top of every fan’s wishlist was Marilyn in The Seven Year Itch dress. And thankfully Funko has delivered on those wishes. Fanatics will be pleased that there are not one but two Marilyn Monroe Pop!s with this historic pose. A mainline Pop! in full color, highlighting how she appears in the film and a Black-and-White Entertainment Earth Exclusive, which is based on the iconic photographs from the publicity event.

The Black and White Marilyn Monroe Pop! faithfully recreates the subway grate pose with Marilyn using both her hands to hold her dress down just above her waist, playful look on her face. The dress itself is as detailed as Funko could get. The light cocktail dress features a halter bodice with a deep plunging neckline and a slim waistline that drops into a softly pleated skirt.

Make sure to add both the mainline version and the Black-and-White Entertainment Earth Exclusive Pop! to your Marilyn Monroe collection now before they are gone!

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