Here’s How We Do Halloween at Entertainment Earth


Here at Entertainment Earth, we take Halloween very seriously. Costumes, decorations, candy, we love it all.

We decided to go all out this year, with decorating and costume contests, inspiring us to bring out our best. You can check out all our photos from the exciting mischief day below!

BBP Halloween

Our friends at Bif Bang Pow! recreated Gotham, from Arkham Asylum to, yes, crime alley and the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

TWD Halloween Decor

Some of you may recall the infamous moment in the pilot of The Walking Dead, which we decided to bring to life. Remember: “don’t dead open inside.”

Costumes were also out of this world! Sometimes literally…

EE Halloween Princess Leia

… and sometimes figuratively. (Seriously, that fashion!)

EE Halloween Mugatu

Halloween is such a great time of year because it brings out people’s passion and creativity. They’re able to don a new identity for a day and live out being the hero they’ve always admired or the villain who’s always lurked in the shadows.

We have a lot of love for what we do here, and the movies and television shows and comics that inspire all of it, so embracing it all in fun ways for a day is a blast.

It’s been a great day and we wanted to share that with you – we hope you enjoy seeing our wacky shenanigans!

What have you been getting up to preparing for Halloween? What are you big plans for the holiday? Tell us in the comments!

Halloween at Entertainment Earth



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