Free! Themed Dioramas Are the Perfect Way to Display Your Collectibles

EE Dioramas

Here at Entertainment Earth, we love giving you access to the best collectibles from all your favorite franchises.

But did you know that’s not all you get when you order from us?

Entertainment Earth gives a free, themed, cardboard diorama to pose your collectibles on with most shipped orders! From fantasy realms to sci-fi planets to convention exclusives, you’ll discover unique places for your collectibles to travel to!

Galactic Outpost Diorama So far we’ve given away 16 dioramas, including our current one shipping now: Galactic Outpost CHROMA-1. Get ready to pit your collectibles against each other in a duel to the death.

To see the kinds of great dioramas we give away, here’s a list of all our past dioramas:

1. Snow Caves of Planet Frostilica 3 Diorama No. 1
2. Jurassic Meat Treat Diorama No. 2
3. The Night Rock Plains of Planet Tocs Diorama No. 3
4. Entertainment Earth Convention Booth Diorama No. 9
5. The Northern Castle Diorama No. 4
6. Encounter at the Green Swamp Diorama No. 7
7. Ride the Claw to Freedom Diorama No. 5
8. Talk Show Set Up Too Late with Entertainment Earth No. 6
9. The Dirt Plains of D-Hydra 8 Diorama No. 8
10. Watch Out for Sharks! Diorama No. 10
11. Cage Match Carnage Diorama No. 11
12. Blood, Iron, and Gladiatorial Games Diorama No. 12
13. The Dead, No Walking
14. Galactic Outpost CHROMA-1
15. Hasbro My Little Pony Fair Diorama No. 22
16. Hasbro Transformers Teletran-1 Diorama No. 23

Each diorama is individually numbered and available in limited quantities.

If you missed out on collecting any of the past dioramas be sure to start your collection now.

So start browsing for your favorite collectibles at Entertainment Earth and get ready for a fun way to display your collectibles. Place them in the dioramas, snap a picture, and share it on social using the hashtag #iCollectatEE!

Or you can send us your photos at, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr, and we’ll share with everyone!

Entertainment Earth Dioramas

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