The Wizard of Oz Treasure Boxes Arrive Straight from Emerald City


You must have been clicking your heels because now The Wizard of Oz treasure boxes from Enesco have landed in our neighborhood!

Inspired by the classic film, The Wizard of Oz, Jim Shore brings his unmistakable folk art style to these delightful lidded boxes. Made of stone resin, the treasure boxes stand 3-inches tall and are perfect for all your little trinkets!

The Witch Hat Treasure Box bears a foreboding landscape straight from the Enchanted Forest and hides a Winged Monkey inside. Bad witches may be ugly, but this treasure box is stunning!

This Ruby Slippers Treasure Box colorful creation features Dorothy’s iconic Ruby Slippers on top with a miniature Toto hidden inside. And yes, you’ll miss it most of all if you don’t order.

Inspired by Glinda’s glittering crown, the colorful Glinda Crown Treasure Box hides the Good Witch of the North’s magic wand inside. Just click your heels when you need a place to store your favorite things!

The charming design of the Emerald City Treasure Box features Dorothy and friends on their way to the Emerald City, with Ruby Slippers hidden inside! Yes, we have a feeling we’re certainly not in Kansas anymore.

Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh, my! Even if you believe in spooks, nothing will scare your sweet treasures now that you can store them in these beautiful The Wizard of Oz treasure boxes, which are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and expected to arrive in October 2015.

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Witch Hat Treasure Box

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Glinda Crown Treasure Box

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Ruby Slippers Treasure Box

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Emerald City Treasure Box



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