Will You Wish Upon a Star for Disney Mini-Busts?

Disney Mini-Busts

Do you want to know how to have the most magical collection? Wish on the evening star, add a sprinkle of pixie dust, and get these great Disney Grand Jester mini-busts from Enesco!

Whether it’s the magic of Arendelle, Agrabah, or more classic characters, lining your shelves with these busts is sure to bring you delight.

These character-authentic mini-busts, ranging from 6 to 10-inches tall, are sculpted from polystone with no detail overlooked.

From Mushu perching on Mulan’s shoulder with a base inspired by the Great Stone Dragon to the Blue Fairy speaking with Jiminy Cricket above a swirl of magic, these busts will take you right back to your childhood and all your favorite animated classics.

The busts pop with color and character, each one unique and perfect for Disney fans. You can go classic, with Donald, Chip, and Dale, or recent, with friends like Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. No matter what you choose, you’ll be getting something enchanting for your collection.

The mini-busts are limited editions, numbered, and currently available at Entertainment Earth, where in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping.

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» Order Mulan and Mushu Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Mulan Mini-Bust

» Order Aladdin Jasmine Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Jasmine Mini-Bust

» Order Beauty and the Beast Belle in Ball Gown Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Belle Mini-Bust

» Order Beauty and the Beast Beast with Suit Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Beast Mini-Bust

» Order Disney Frozen Elsa Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Elsa Mini-Bust

» Order Disney Frozen Anna Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Anna Mini-Bust

» Order Disney Frozen Olaf Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Olaf Mini-Bust

» Order Pinocchio Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Blue Fairy Mini-Bust

» Order Pinocchio Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Pinocchio Mini-Bust

» Order Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dopey Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Snow White Dopey Mini-Bust

» Pre-Order Lilo and Stitch Tropical Stitch Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Tropical Stitch Mini-Bust

» Pre-Order Winnie the Pooh Tigger Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Tigger Mini-Bust

» Order Donald Duck with Chip and Dale Grand Jester Mini-Bust

Donald and Chip and Dale Mini-Bust



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