Be the Doctor with the Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver


Quick, sonic it!

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a useful little device like the Doctor’s sonic?

Now the brilliant gadget can be yours! With the Twelfth Doctor’s Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver you can reenact your favorite scenes from Doctor Who!

The handy-dandy sonic is the epitome of multi-functional devices. It can drive a screw, pick a lock, disable an opponent, and more, all with minimal effort from the owner. When the Doctor uses his fantastic screwdriver, it’s almost like it knew exactly which capability was required. This replica sonic screwdriver from Underground toys can’t unlock a door but it canlight up and sounds just like the Doctor’s!

The Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver measures 10 1/2 inches long by 2 inches wide and features button activated lights and sounds. It requires 3 “L1154” button-cell batteries, included.

More sonic screwdrivers available include the War Doctor’s, River Song’s, the Tenth Doctor’s, the Fifth Doctor’s, the Eighth Doctor’s, and the Master’s.

Be the Doctor with this awesome device! But remember, it doesn’t do wood.

The Twelfth Doctor’s Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver is currently available at Entertainment Earth.

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Sonic Screwdriver

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