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Get the Most Supreme Dr. Strange Collectibles before the Movie Comes Out!

Doctor Strange Collectibles

Doctor Strange is set to take the world by storm. Before the whole world gets wrapped up in the mania of Doctor Strange, you should stock up on the very coolest Dr. Strange merchandise for fans and collectors today. Here are our six favorite items:

Marvel Dr. Strange Poptaters Mr. Potato Head

Marvel Doctor Strange Poptaters Mr. Potato Head

No matter what magical dimension you come from, this is a cross-over that has got to appeal to you! Being a potato isn’t a job for a small-fry, and we think that Stephen Strange is up to the challenge. Standing at 6-inches tall, this Mr. Potato Head variant is ready to make his impression on the display shelves of every Marvel fan.

Dr. Strange Retro Playing Cards

Doctor Strange Retro Playing Cards

This is one collector’s item that has some real practical applications. With this retro playing card set, you get 52 different images of the Doctor Strange universe! Did you know that every time you shuffle a deck of cards, you create a random order that has never before existed in all of time? Dr. Strange knew that!

The Doctor Strange Movie Kaecilius Dorbz Vinyl Figure

Doctor Strange Movie Kaecilius Dorbz Vinyl Figure

This is one seriously disturbing vinyl figure, especially when you factor in the happy expression. The action of turning your eyes inward has never been taken more literally. This 3-inch tall vinyl figure will feel right at home in the rest of your collection, even if it does creep them out a little.

Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Amulet 11 oz. Heat Change Mug

 Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Amulet 11 oz. Heat Change Mug - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

This Entertainment Earth Exclusive mug is perfect for every fan of Doctor Strange. Sporting the same shade of red as Dr. Strange’s cape, the Eye of Agamotto is closed and undisturbed until you add hot liquid. The moment your coffee goes into the cup, the eye opens!

Doctor Strange 10-Inch Plush Figure

Doctor Strange 10-Inch Plush Figure

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange at night? This exceedingly self-satisfied Dr. Strange figure sports his iconic blue tunic and red cape. He drops the pretension of his usual serious demeanor to adopt a smile and come across more cuddly.

Marvel Gallery Dr. Strange Statue

 Marvel Gallery Doctor Strange Statue

This statue is the most striking rendition of the strange doctor that we have on our shelves. This 9-inch Gallery statue is made of high quality PVC, depicting the doctor hovering in mid-air, getting ready to cast a killer spell. The details and intricacies are astounding. This statue comes packaged in a window display box, just in case you find it too precious to unwrap.



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