Protect Hyrule Against Ganon with Link’s Sword and Shield

Disguise Legend of Zelda

Fight your way through every enemy in Hyrule with style with Legend of Zelda merchandise by Disguise!

Save Princess Zelda from the likes of Ganon and other antagonists in the land of Hyrule when you wield this weapon and sport this nifty shield!

With Link’s legendary Master Sword you can protect yourself against foes and carve your way through rough terrain. The sword is a must-have for fans of the fantasy themed action adventure Nintendo video games series The Legend of Zelda. It measures about 26-inches tall x 6-inches wide and is made of PVC plastic.

Defend yourself from all manner of attacks by Hyrule’s enemies with Link’s amazing Hylian Shield, which measures about 19-inches tall x 15-inches wide.

Link’s sword and shield are here to help you save the day from dastardly baddies, so prepare to wield these weapons, which are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and expected to arrive in October 2015.

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» Pre-Order Legend of Zelda Link Sword

Legend of Zelda Sword

» Pre-Order Legend of Zelda Link Shield

Legend of Zelda Shield



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