Die-Cast Metal Toys and Collectibles Put Fun in Your Hand

I can’t imagine being a science fiction fan without die-cast metal toys.

As a kid, I zoomed my 5-inch Kenner X-wing fighter through the air. As an adult (supposedly),  I roll my 3-inch Hot Wheels DeLorean time machine along my bookshelf. But I’ve always found die-cast metal vehicles help me feel more involved in my favorite fictional adventures.

Of course, die-cast toys don’t belong to sci-fi fans alone. And these marvelous pieces of molded metal aren’t always ships.

Yes, you’ll find plenty of spacecraft when you browse a huge selection of die-cast metal toys and collectibles like the ones that Entertainment Earth offers. But you’ll also find figures and prop replicas, all designed to connect you more closely to your pop culture passions – and even put them right in the palm of your hand.

Build Your Star Wars Fleet with Black Series Titanium Series Ships

Star Wars still looms large in the world of die-cast toys and collectibles. Hasbro’s most recent wave of Star Wars: The Black Series Titanium Series Die-Cast Metal Vehicles proves it. The dozen vehicles in this Wave 5 case represent the whole range of Star Wars cinema.

There’s the classic, wicked-looking wedge of the Imperial Star Destroyer from the original trilogy, as well as its fearsome First Order descendant. Slave I, the patrol and attack craft piloted by both Jango and Boba Fett, is here, as is Kylo Ren’s personal command shuttle. Two Rebel U-wings, two Imperial cargo shuttles, two TIE strikers – all from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – and two First Order TIE fighters round out this assortment.

Whether you’re fleet building or simply want reminders of the Galaxy Far, Far Away close at hand, you need to plot these Titanium Series die-cast ships’ course to your door today.

Discover Star Trek’s Newest Vessels with Eaglemoss Die-Cast Scale Replicas

Are you a fan of that other big “Star” franchise? The shipwrights at Eaglemoss have been bringing Star Trek ships to collectors’ desks and display shelves since 2012. Their scale armada currently numbers about 200 vessels.

Now, Eaglemoss adds intricate die-cast replicas of the new ships seen in Star Trek: Discovery. This Klingon Qugh class destroyer exemplifies Eaglemoss’ exacting attention to detail.

Made, as are all of Eaglemoss’ die-cast ships, with direct reference to the original CGI studio models used in the show’s production, and also relying on production stills, concept art, and orthographic views, the hand-painted Klingon destroyer looks ferocious – and fantastic!

The Fast and the Furious Car Models to Send Fans’ Pulses Racing

Maybe your taste in die-cast vehicles is more earthbound. Why not? After all, Matchbox and Hot Wheels helped popularize die-cast metal toys in the late 1960s and 1970s with their small-scale versions of real-world vehicles.

If models of supercharged sedans and rowdy rides get your motor running, check out our expansive inventory of scale die-cast metal replicas of the cars that tear up the screen in The Fast and the Furious movies.

Whether it’s Dom’s 1970 Dodge Charger that can do the quarter mile in 9 seconds flat or Johnny Tran’s 2000 Honda S2000 with $100K of upgrades (at least) under its hood, you can find scale versions of all your favorite vehicles from the high-speed, fast-paced franchise.

You’ve Got Friends in Disney Die-Cast Mini-Figures

Jada Toys Disney Die-Cast Metal Figures

Are you less interested in vehicles than in characters? Die-cast collectibles are for you, too!

Disney’s colorful characters capture the public’s imagination like few others. And this Disney Nano Metalfigs collection’s extremely detailed and extremely small mini-figures – each one stands only 1 2/3-inches tall – showcase old and new favorites alike from the House of Mouse.

Each case includes, in duplicate, Mickey and Minnie to lead all the fun, and Peter Pan, direct from Never Land. You’ll also find Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and a three-eyed Pizza Planet alien from the Toy Story films; superheroes Mr. Incredible and Baymax (both with and without his armor); and Wall-E, the adorable garbage-crunching robot.

Plus, you’ll get a quadruple serving of Stitch, the better to make mayhem with!

Need Some Dragonzord Power Now?

Die-cast metal also makes for awesome prop replicas. This reproduction of the Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series is a perfect example.

Capable of generating concussive energy blasts and – when played like a flute – summoning gigantic robotic dragons from the sea, the Dragon Dagger was one of the most powerful weapons in the Power Rangers’ arsenal.

While this replica dagger’s sound effects give it great playability, don’t overlook all the die-cast golden detailing on the pommel and the hilt. The metal gives the replica more heft than a simple paint job ever could.

Find Even More Die-Cast Metal Fun at Entertainment Earth

As even this brief sampling shows, die-cast metal continues to be a mainstay of the toys and collectibles scene. There’s just something about handling a solid, detailed reproduction of a ship, character, or iconic item from the movies, TV shows, comics, and more than fire your imagination that can’t be beaten.

Check out the always growing selection of die-cast metal toys and collectibles at Entertainment Earth and find the perfect addition to your collection today!



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