Demon Crowley Joins the Supernatural Pop! Vinyl Family


The demon and King of Hell Crowley joins Dean and Sam Winchester in the Supernatural Pop! Vinyl Figure line.

The Crowley Pop! Vinyl stands approximately 3 3/4 inches tall in his recognizable black suit and light blue tie. Even the Pop! version of this demon showcases his unique widow’s peak and recognizable goatee.

The Supernatural Pop! Vinyl line also includes Sam Winchester Pop! and Dean Winchester Pop! Vinyls. Collect the whole line for Pop! figures that are good, evil, and everything in between.

In the fan-favorite CW television series, Fergus Rodric MacLeod was a human that became the demon Crowley, and eventually, the King of Hell. In the series, Crowley is portrayed by Mark Sheppard in all his scruffy glory.

The Crowley Pop! Vinyl is finally available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth!


» Pre-order Supernatural Crowley Pop! Vinyl Figure

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