Titans May Be Cancelled, But DC Has “Plans” for the Teen Titans

Fear not, DC fans!

While it’s still true that TNT’s show Titans, based on the Teen Titans, is canceled, it doesn’t mean it’s the end for the young heroes.

At this year’s TCA, DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns spoke to TV Line about the unfortunate cancelation:

“We [at DC] have known about [Turner nixing Titans] for months and months and months. That’s not new news to us.”

However, that’s not all he had to say. In a statement that is sure to please DC fans, Johns revealed that they “have plans for the Titans” and that the team is a “huge piece of DC.”

That’s definitely good news after a cancellation.

It’s impossible to say what those plans are, but at least they exist. That’s the first step in anything.

They have a big role in the comics, and will be appearing in the upcoming animated film Justice League vs. Teen Titans, but it would be exciting to see them in live-action.

What do you want the future plans for the Teen Titans to entail? Share your ideas in the comments!

And check out more of the team here.

Source: ScreenRant



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