Ever Wonder What Neal Adams Cover Artwork Would Look Like in 3 Dimensions?

The DC Designer Series finally has its crowning jewel. Breaking out in the series lineup comes the DC Designer Series Superman by Neal Adams Statue. With all of the bravery and honor that Superman exemplifies coming into sharp focus, this statue fills the viewer with just the right amount of awe and inspiration. There is no hero within our outside of the DC universe that is more awesome and inspiring.

Neal Adams has designed this statue to really capture all that we love about Superman. Having very recently been restrained by Kryptonite chains, Superman is breaking his bonds and facing his deepest weaknesses so that we feel inspired to do the same in our own lives. With his steel jaw and powerful body, it’s clear that Superman is giving everything he’s got.

This amazing resin statue has details that make Superman fans thrill. In the large collection of DC collectibles out there, few statues have the same stark emotion that this one captures. Pre-order it today from Entertainment Earth!



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