No X-Ray Vision Necessary to See the Inner Workings of These DC Baddies

Mighty Jaxx X-ray Figures

For those ever on the lookout for the most unique and fun collectibles, Mighty Jaxx has raised the bar yet again with their latest line of DC villains!

Whether you’re a Bat fan, an Aqua fan, or really, really into the Teen Titans and Arrow – or just love villains in general! — there’s a figure in this new line for you.

Choose from the Joker, Deathstroke, or Black Manta – or order all three! – Each vinyl figure features a unique dissection designed by artist Jason Freeny, stands 4-inches tall, and is individually hand painted.

On one side is the fearsome baddie we all know and love (to hate), while on the other is a little more intimate look beneath the mask. Finally, we can see what naughty little supervillains are made of (hint: it’s not snips and snails and puppy dog tails).

These unique figures are sure to be conversation pieces whether you’re an avid collector or just a casual fan, and the reasonable price makes getting all three a cinch. Pre-order now and we’ll deliver as soon as they come in!


» PRE-ORDER Joker XXRAY 4-Inch Vinyl Figure

Mighty Jaxx Joker

» PRE-ORDER Deathstroke XXRAY 4-Inch Vinyl Figure

Mighty Jaxx Deathstroke

» PRE-ORDER Black Manta XXRAY 4-Inch Vinyl Figure

Mighty Jaxx Black Manta



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