3 Things You Didn’t Know about DC Comics Villain Ares

The time has come to usher in the age of Wonder Woman. With her first ever live-action film hitting theaters, it’s an exciting time for the die-hard and casual fans alike. Wonder Woman is the epitome of hope and love and strength. She stands for integrity, honor, and peace in a world she knows nothing about. She defends those who have no means of defending themselves without a moment’s hesitation. A hero this strong often breeds super villains on the opposite end of the spectrum. We know about the Joker and Lex Luthor, and what they’re capable of when going against their respective foes. Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis is not only equally as powerful as her but is also a Greek god. Not just any god, the god of war – Ares.

Mars or Ares?

Ares DC Comics

Image: DC Comics

Ares first appeared in Wonder Woman #1 written by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston. In the following issue, he would return but with the name Mars, which is the Roman god of war. It wasn’t until 1987 when George Pérez restored Ares to his original name in a reboot to the Wonder Woman origin story. He’s primarily depicted in his gladiator-like armor and with horns protruding from his helmet. He looked very frightening and foreboding as he would take the battlefield against Amazons and his fellow gods.

God of War


Image: DC Comics

His powers are seemingly endless, including immortality, godly strength, superhuman speed and stamina, flight, weather manipulation, and energy projection. He also draws power from malevolent psychic energy and can influence intense aggression. Ares brings out the worst in the world and can cause mankind to wage long and destructive wars. He’s a master of conflict and an expert strategist and has complete mastery over any and all weapons.

DCEU’s Best Villain?

For the Wonder Woman film, his identity is kept a secret, and for the time being, I will not reveal which actor is portraying him but the reveal is quite outstanding. The film adaptation of this ancient evil character is exceptional and poses a real horrific threat to Wonder Woman and the world. Wonder Woman’s origins have twisted and turned a couple times in her 75-year history but her warrior lineage has always remained. A strong hero, central to the Justice League, demands an equally strong opposite and Ares fits the bill for Wonder Woman.



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