The Jungle Gets Frosty with Two New DC Bombshell Statues


It’s getting cold in the jungle. Killer Frost and Cheetah join the DC Comics Bombshells as two new stunning statues!

The villainesses join their fellow Bombshells in fabulous vintage get-ups and stunning, detailed designs.

With the ability to absorb heat and transmute it into waves of cold, Killer Frost is absolutely chilling. Often appearing as a foe to Firestorm and the Flash, this girl is ready to take a break and hit the slopes! Her adorable outfit might not be practical for cold weather, but Killer Frost can handle it.

Strapped into skis with ice boots, she holds onto her poles and looks positively glowing with her blue skin and smirk.

The archenemy of Wonder Woman, you can be sure that this next Bombshell is fierce. Cheetah may not but dressed in her usual costume, but she looks great as a Bombshell.

Decked out in a safari outfit, her red hair spills over her shoulders as she bites her lip and snaps a photo of her adventures.

Both statues stand over 10-inches tall on name display bases.

Killer Frost and Cheetah are both currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth with free shipping and an expected arrival of April 2016.

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Killer Frost Bombshell Statue

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