Katana Is a Dangerous Beauty as New DC Bombshells Statue

DC Bombshells Katana Statue

Being stealthy in a long dress and sandals is no easy task. Yet, somehow, this masterful vigilante makes it work. Display this crafty vixen for all to see with the new DC Bombshells Katana Statue.

Katana is clad in a black and red ensemble that leaves little to the imagination. Her hair is piled on top of her head in stylish bun complete with chopsticks. She stands atop a base displaying her name and picture. On her leg is a detailed dragon tattoo, and beneath her foot lies the severed head of a samurai warrior. With her trusty blade, Soultaker, in one hand, she holds a finger to her lips silencing all onlookers.

This statue measures 9-inches tall, is made of resin, and comes packaged in a closed box. Place your pre-orders with Entertainment Earth now and receive free shipping when Katana debuts January 2017!

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DC Bombshells Katana Statue



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